Disable Bluetooth Power Management

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There are many articles about this problem. The windows key, unlike other tablets, on the HP Stream series are not physical buttons recognized by the OS but are soft buttons so the screenshot method does not work. If running Windows 8.x, you can use the share feature with the metroshot app. Its interface is simple and it is capable of assigning a key to quickly capture the screen. In the same way, it allows you to enable the start with the system so you don’t have to go looking for the tool.

  • Introduced the new default feature in an October 2018 update, effectively allowing users to grab portions of their screen without the need for third-party applications.
  • Docker is a tool for running applications and services in small, light-weight “containers” which do not interfere with your local machine’s installed software or configuration.
  • On the other hand, you can use the Windows Settings panel to get the latest build of Windows 11.

If it connects, contact the manufacturer of the Bluetooth device that won’t pair. If your computer doesn’t pair to any Bluetooth device, try the Bluetooth Troubleshooting and Usage Guide. Your PC will start searching for nearby devices. I’d recommend you to check out our complete guide to Windows drivers for any questions you might have about finding, installing or updating drivers. To update your Bluetooth driver, move to your computer manufacturer’s website and look for a compatible and recent driver. Compatibility in terms of your device model and version of Windows; 32-bit or 64-bit.

Current Stable Version

SFC is great for finding and repairing system files in Windows, whereas DISM can do a more thorough this check and repair Windows using resources from Microsoft’s Windows Update service. We have a whole article on how to use SFC and DISM. But by and large I was impressed by A) how incredibly easy it was to install Windows 10 via Parallels, and B) how well it performed.

Pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard will create an image of your desktop and copy it to your clipboard. Finally, press Ctrl + S in order to save your newly captured high-resolution screenshot in Windows. Now press Ctrl + S in order to save your newly captured high-resolution screenshot in Windows.

Can I install Bluetooth on my laptop?

Besides, it is time-consuming and troublesome. The first option “Upgrade” is used to upgrade from a lower version of Windows. Install the SSD and connect the Windows 10 installation media.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25174 introduces a Game Pass widget

Or, you can go to your keyboard manufacturer’s website and download the drivers. Once you have the drivers, go back to the same “Update driver” option, and this time click onBrowse my computer for driver software. Once you capture a screenshot, the Snipping Tool interface expands to display your screenshot.

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