Geocaching 101: Geocaching Glossary of Terms

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Cache owners who repeatedly receive “Did Not Find” logs should check to see that their cache has not been removed. A Geocaching Premium Member feature that allows you to identify caches along a specific route for quick and easy geocaching. You can choose from routes already created by other geocachers or use Google Earth to build your own unique trip.

Based on “Muggle” from the Harry Potter series, which is a non-magical person. Usually, this term is used after non-geocacher looks puzzled after befriending a geocacher searching for a cache, or when a non-geocacher accidentally finds a cache. The point when your GPS device shows that you have reached the cache location or within 15 feet of the cache. At Ground Zero, you are zero feet (or zero meters) away from the geocache. So when you see GZ in the geocache description then you know you are within 15 feet or so of the geocache. Posting photos of geocoins can be fun, but care should be taken to avoid showing the Tracking Code to reduce the risk of Armchair Logging.

  1. If you only wish to discover a Geocoin, simply visit the coin’s page and log a note with the type “discovered” selected in the drop-down menu.
  2. They are activated and he is the owner, but the coins remain in a frame on the office wall.
  3. Geocaching is fun involves one or a group of friends, a hand-held GPS, and some hiking shoes.

The Geocoin(s) will transfer from your inventory to the online cache listing. Once you log that you have retrieved or grabbed a Geocoin, you can drop it into a cache. The cache listing acts as a virtual container allowing you to indicate that you have placed the Geocoin in the physical cache. If you are shown a Geocoin by another geocacher but do not actually trade it, you may “discover” it instead. This is a virtual log type which will not place the coin in your inventory but will keep a record of the find in your profile. In order to log your find and “grab” the Geocoin, you first need to locate the coin’s tracking number.

Trackable Coins Engraved With GPS Coordinates

Also, it keeps the overall geocoin small enough that it can still fit comfortably on a geocon stand in someone’s collection. We checked in with her to learn more about her process for approaching this exciting project each year. A Premium Member feature, a Pocket Query is a custom geocache search that you can have emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis.

It was the first year I attempted a circular geocoin with a hinge, and the pocket watch theme was too good to pass up. But I’m also a Doctor Who fan, and I know there are a lot of geocachers who also love The Doctor, or they like a good puzzle. Geocache listing websites have their own guidelines for acceptable what is a geocoin geocache publications. Scroll below the text box to see a list of the Geocoins in your inventory. You can either select one Geocoin with your mouse pointer or hold down Ctrl on your keyboard and select several coins to drop off at once. When you are ready, click the button to submit your log to the cache page.

Simple login, turn on your smartphone GPS and navigate to the location of the nearest GEO. Once users get within 5 meters (15 feet) they will collect the GEO off the map. GeoCoin creates a fun blockchain gaming experience that rewards healthy lifestyles through promoting outdoor sports and recreation. First launched in January 2015 as a Proof-of-Work Qubit blockchain, GeoCoin migrated to the Ubiq Network in January 2018 and has continued to grow with the community.

Pocket Queries give you the ability to filter your searches so you only receive information on the caches you want to search for in either a GPX of LOC format. This feature lets you download up to 500 caches at one time. A hitchhiker is an item that is placed in a cache and has instructions to travel to other caches. Sometimes they have logbooks attached so you can log their travels.

With 22,500 finds it is the second most logged geocache in history. GeoCoin has created a real-world scavenger hunt rewarded with cryptocurrency. Users can drag and drop GEO on the map for other users to collect. Users are able to ‘mine’ GEO through a process referred to as Proof-of-Location (PoL).

We even offer free engraving with orders of 150 pieces or more. There is a 150 piece minimum and the cost per tracking number is $1.50. We will handle the purchase and engraving of personalized geocoins for you.

Event Cache

CoinCheckup provides live cryptocurrency prices and charts, listed by crypto market cap. Get latest crypto prices, predictions,
news, and historical data for Bitcoin and thousands of altcoins. Start GeoCashing to earn real money with our new MapBox interface. Proof of Location simplifies obtaining cryptocurrency in a fun and active way! Simply turn on your GPS and head to the location to collect the GEO. I was inspired by the time-travelling adventurer to hide a message written in Gallifreyan (the language of The Doctor’s home planet).

Geocaching 101: Geocaching Glossary of Terms

Any activated coins should include references to adopting the coin. Numerous businesses exist online that sell trackable geocoins. You can also find geocachers at events who sell coins as a side business. Hides in these areas are discouraged,[74] and cache listing websites enforce guidelines that disallow certain types of placements. However, as cache reviewers typically cannot see exactly where and how every cache is hidden, problematic hides can slip through.

Please do your own research on all of your investments carefully. Scores are based on common sense Formulas that we personally use to analyse crypto coins & tokens. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. With a hinged coin we get two inside faces and two outside faces to work with, which gives me twice as much space to fit our growing number of Lackeys and any design elements.

Earn Money GeoCashing with your Phone GPS

Over the years, geocoins have also increasingly seen non-traditional coins, or trackable geocoins that do not confirm to the traditional circular coin shape. If you take something, leave something of equal or greater value and record your visit in the logbook. While a variety of “treasures” can be found in any given cache (ranging from small trinkets like lapel pins to CDs or books), some of the most popular items are geocaching coins and geo pins. We provide a range of options in terms of materials, designs, and special touches like enamel styles and engravings. Whether you decide to go for hard or soft enamel, dual plating, or gold/silver accents – the choice is yours. With features such as customized minting and background textures available too, let yourself be creative and create something one-of-a-kind today.

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